Peer Mentoring Programme

Our Peer Mentoring programmes are based on young people supporting each other; matching peer mentors with mentees in one-on-one friendships so that they can provide guidance and support, serving as positive role models. Our programme enables Peer Mentors to listen and support fellow pupils (mentees); helping them deal with the current challenges they may be struggling with.

Peer Mentoring Programme training for Staff

Duration: 2.5 hrs 

Our Peer Mentoring programme for staff provides training, resources and additional support to assist school staff with implementing a sustainable programme based on the identified needs of their setting. The programme will enhance early intervention and prevention of low-level mental health, safeguarding and wellbeing issues amongst young people. 


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Learning outcomes

  • Understand Peer Mentoring 
  • Recognise the positive benefits of a Peer Mentoring programme
  • Understand what mental wellbeing means and the issues that affect young people’s wellbeing
  • Explore what needs to be included in a Peer Mentoring programme
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of staff and Peer Mentors

Additional features

  • Receive Peer Mentoring Lead Handbook to support you with the design, development, set up and delivery of your programme
  • Explore the provided resources that will support staff to deliver the programme
“Very excited to develop the programme further in our school and add additional support to pupils. I will definitely recommend the training to others.” – Head Teacher

Peer Mentor Training for Young People

Duration: Full day (maximum of 30 pupils; 10-17 years old)

Our full day interactive programme will provide young people with the knowledge, skills and tools to become confident Peer Mentors.

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"I thoroughly enjoy being a peer mentor. I am proud to have had the opportunity" Kidscape Peer Mentor

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise the benefits of a Peer Mentoring programme
  • Understand what is involved in the Peer Mentoring process
  • Share the key responsibilities of a Peer Mentor
  • Recognise personal qualities and skills
  • Have a greater awareness of safeguarding procedures
  • Increased confidence to communicate and listen effectively 
  • Promote wellbeing and positive mental health
  • Signpost to further help and support

Additional features 

  • Receive personal Peer Mentoring Handbook
  • Complete personal development plan 
  • Carry out Peer Mentoring roleplay and observe others in the role
  • Plan how your Peer Mentoring programme will be delivered
"The Kidscape Peer Mentoring programme has had a hugely positive impact on our pupils. We learnt ways in which we could train young people to be compassionate, empathetic and develop listening skills, which are crucial in building trust and confidentiality within safe-guarding perimeters."



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