Friendship Flower Campaign

'Just like flowers, friendships need time, attention and lots of tender loving care!'


Our Friendship Flower campaign is all about helping children grow positive friendships, while being great for their mental health!

What does it involve?

Our free downloadable activity pack encourages children to plant flower seeds. Once the flower has grown (usually after 8-12 weeks), they can give the flower or flowers to a friend or loved one to show how much they care.

Download the free activity pack below. 

Why Friendship Flowers?

• Gardening is really good for our mental and physical health. It’s a fun way of encouraging children to get outside and get moving!
• Just like flowers, friendships need time, attention and lots of TLC in order to grow. Both friendships and flower growing can bring us immense happiness, but can also be challenging at times. Growing flowers can be a great way to encourage these conversations with children, and to get them thinking about the positive attributes we all need from our friends.
• Planting flowers is great for us, and for the environment. Having a world full of plants and flowers is so important for wildlife, and flowers makes our world a more beautiful place to live. Growing seeds and watching them bloom can be a great way for kids to learn a little about gardening while also learning about positive friendships!
• For children and young people, planting seeds and watching them grow into something colourful and beautiful can be really exciting – it helps them learn about how plants grow, and how important the seasons are. Plus, it's fun to see how your love and care has an impact on your environment!

You can watch author, presenter and gardener Ellen Mary talking about the benefits of gardening for children below. 

And remember, you don't need a garden to grow flowers! When we say “gardening”, we often think about a traditional back garden, but there are lots of flowers that will grow on balconies, in backyards or on windowsills. 

Please send us your progress photos so we can admire your family’s handiwork!

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